Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Free Trade - Rubbish!

Is it just me who thinks that the EU is a protectionist trading block? Is it just me that thinks that imposing a 30% tariff on value added cocoa is anti-free trade?

The last time I looked up the word "free", it meant "without cost". Apparently this is wrong. Free does not mean that at all. Apparently free means as long as you export your raw materials to us at rock bottom prices we will buy them from you free of any import tariffs. Free, you understand means free to us, not you. Free means, we the importers, get to add the value and post the ensuing profit to our balance sheets, not yours!

So just remember you producers, when the EU and others talk about free trade and globalisation, they mean they want your trade free, globally. As long as this is clearly understood we'll all get on like a house on fire at the next round of World Trade Organistion talks.

So, please raise your glasses to free trade and globalistion and keep that cocoa coming boys.

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