Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Sowing confusion in the mind

Dare to think of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration into Britain. Dare to mention the word "immigrant" and the chances are that you will be labelled a right wing xenophobe. In the politically "correct" world of today, it takes courage to express any clear view about anything. It is better not to think than risk the wrath of cynical power crazed propaganda spin merchants, weaving webs of disingenuous mumbo jumbo.

Spin the wheel. Sow confusion in the minds of the people. Subtley alter the meaning of language by casting allusions on the intent or character of those that use it. Repeat the lie often enough and eventually anything your opponents say, will be treated with contempt, no matter how intelligent or sensible it may be. Insinuate something often enough and it becomes a perceived "truth". This is the evil and the danger of spin. This is the tool of the propogandist or the would be dictator. This is a simple method of mind control, a step in the direction of Big Brother, that we would do well to take seriously.

Install 4.000.000 CCTV cameras around the country, create data banks of information on every citizen (except ironically, illegal immigrants whose presence is undetected), take DNA swabs of the entire population and presto you are well on the way to knowing everything bout everyone. You know where they go, when they go, what they eat, what they watch, what they read, what they buy, how much they earn, how much they spend, who they vote for and who they sleep with, how often and where.

There will soon be no privacy from the state. Yet the state has no right to have any of this information. We are not here for the benefit of the state. The state belongs to us. It is there for our benefit. We created it and we pay for it. It belongs to the people not to government. Government is there to serve the people not control the people. It has no right to engender itself with power over the people, only to exercise power on behalf of the people.

Likewise, politicians have no right to simply denigrate those who oppose their ideas. That is not the stamp of a civilised or intelligent democracy. We do not want spin which by definition, is a lie. We do want a society and a political system based on mutual respect, intelligent debate and most importantly on truth. Above all we want to live in a free society and a state that serves the people and not the government.

The government, whomever it may be at any given time would do well to remember that governments that serve themselves first and the people last, never last.

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